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Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Year full of Hope

New Year is the most awaited day at the start of each year.   It is where a new year calendar begins.  New year follows the Gregorian Calendar, mostly in use, falls on January 1st as the case in Roman Calendar.

A few beliefs that our ancestors thought us:

First,  Fire Crackers are used cautiously as many people says to threw away the bad luck and wake up the world for the coming year.

Second, jumped high in order to get more height at 12:00 midnight or 12:00 AM of January 1st.

Third, wear Big Dotted Blouses or Shirts and place few coins and bills in your pocket to attract luck as well.

Fourth, Prayer must be included before having the new year's eve dinner to thank God for another safest change of year and another healthy life ahead.

Lastly, collection of 13 round fruits to be placed on the table to magnet more luck for the coming new year.